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Pediatric Medical Associates


We want to encourage you to call us if you are considering taking your child to the Emergency Room or an Urgent Care Center after our office is closed.  If you feel there is a life threatening emergency, please call 911 or go directly to the emergency room.  There are times the Emergency Room is best or an urgent care setting may be more appropriate and convenient. But in many cases, our office can advise you on whether or not you need to get care quickly or if the issue can wait for the office to open the next day.   
If an emergency should arise, please call 911. Emergencies are considered to be those conditions that are life-threatening: loss of consciousness, severe bleeding, seizure, etc. In the case of minor emergencies (lacerations, cuts, mild fractures, sprains), please call our office first for instructions. 
There are many situations where it is safe to wait until the office is open.  Coming to the office is an advantage because we have all your child’s records and can treat many urgent issues conveniently without referring to a specialist.  We can help with many injuries, minor lacerations, asthma or wheezing, headaches or abdominal pain. 
Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions.  We view this as part of our service to our families.